Two Computer Games for Thinkers


"Tit Tat Toe" - this version has five levels (without training zero level) which differ from each other by manner of program's work. Each player has own access to his/her results.



"Fifteen" - is a descendant of unsolvable Sam Lloyd's puzzle well-known in 19th century. In the middle of the last century children played with a little case filled with ordered dices numbered from 1 to 15. When somebody had mixed the dices (without taking them out of the case - otherwise the game can become never-ending), a player ought to draw up them in order. In this version you may play not only "15", but "8", "24" and so on to "99". Computer mixes the dices before the game begins. You can change a number of mix steps, but you must remember that reducing the number makes this game a training one and you can not take part in a competition.

download free - "TitTatToe"

download free - "Fifteen"

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